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Keep Your Scalp Healthy

Here you go!, we must understand that healthy scalp is basis of healthy Hair, and one who cares properly about the scalp will have healthy hair.

Hair is basically protein and has no nervous system or blood supply on the other hand Scalp has blood supply and nervous system meaning healthy scalp = healthy hair

Couple of tips below to get you a healthy scalp

Avoid washing your Hair with hot water

When you have a hot shower and come back, the essentials oils produced by your scalp to keep your hair moisturized are gone, eventually leading dry scalp, instead, wash your hair with lukewarm water and gently dry it

Head/scalp Massage

Massaging once a week promotes many benefits, it relieves stress, ensures scalp nourishment by increasing blood flow, soothes nerves and relaxes muscles and it feels great, fingers circling on hair

you do it yourself at home, here is simple technique massage the scalp with the fingertips using a firm pressure in a circular motion. Place the fingers under the hair to avoid pulling. Perform this exercise for three or four minutes.

Sun Protection

UV rays from the sun can damage your scalp skin and exacerbate hair thinning. The more thin your hair is, the greater the risk of UV damage. When outside for prolonged periods of time, make sure to wear a hat or a sunscreen specially formulated for scalp application.

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