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signs of Hair ageing…!

Ageing is inevitable, be it body, skin, or Hair, that is how nature decided the Human evolution cycle, however proper care can be taken to slow it down

these are ways that shows our hair is ageing

  • Gray Hair
  • Hair follicles
  • Dry Hair
  • Thinning Hair
  • Brittle Hair
  • Loss of Hair Volume
  • Dull Hair
  • Fading Hair Color
  • Texture Changes in Hair

Though you cannot stop hair ageing, you can slow it down by following few techniques

  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure
  • Moisture/hydrate your hair with Argan Oil and any other suitable oil
  • Smoking can speed up the process of ageing, so Avoid smoking
  • Add lot of fruits and veggie into your diet
  • Avoid high heat and aggressive hairstyling techniques that strip the hair of natural oil
  • Be conscious and use hair care products which are free from alcohol, parabens, and silicon as they strip away natural oils from your scalp and hair
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