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Why Do Most People Lose Hair?

Do you actually know what’s causing you to lose your hair this very moment? This is a question asked by almost all hair loss sufferers, and there are more answers to this than the number of those asking. The only problem is that a lot of what you’re being told is not the complete truth.
One major cause of hair loss that you’ll hear time and time again by so-called “experts” and other “know it alls” is genetics.
Give me a break! If this is the case then why are some men in a family line stuck with a shiny bald head, and others in that same immediate family have a full head of hair?
This is evidence that there must be some hidden things that can cause you to lose your hair. And there certainly are numerous things. For example one reason a lot of men in particular start to get a receding hairline is due to a lack of blood circulation.
As you get older your body will stop circulating blood like it used to. It will circulate much slower and areas that once got a huge supply now may be lacking it significantly.
So you must increase this blood flow so that you can make up for the damage that has been done.
What I’ve found personally effective is the use of oils like jojoba, henna, and rosemary. When you massage these into your scalp you’re doing yourself a huge favor.
They are natural and work to increase blood flow and hair growth exactly where you need it.
So before you go off assuming that your hair is falling out just because it tends to run in the family, consider some true facts behind what could be leading you towards baldness.
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