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Causes of Grey Hair and remedies

Most doctors agreed that changes in the hair colors are genetic and is a sign of ageing. Most of the humans in their 30’s experience grey hairs however by the time, they age 50, their hair may fully or partially turn grey

Grey hair occurs as a result when melanin, responsible for producing black pigment to hair is being stopped at the follicle level

Here I list couple of ways to slow down /regulate going grey, however going grey is part of genetics

  • “Hair consists of protein (keratin) so it is very important for strong healthy hair. Foods like eggs and fish are all good sources of first class protein.
  • Deficiencies of iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin D, B12 and B6 can be common so it’s important to eat foods that contain these vitamins
  • As certain diseases can have an impact on the immune system and may possibly cause deficiencies it is wise to have blood tests at least once a year through your own GP or private practitioner.”
  • “Like our bodies need regular exercise, so does our head. Massaging our scalps through needing action means we are taking vital nutrients to the scalp via the blood supply and feeding our follicles.”
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