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Different Types of Hair

Hair categories, treatment, and diet for different hair groups
Identifying the type of hair you have will help tremendously in understanding the best possible options in taking care of it. While there are a huge number of hairstyles today, the hair type is segregated into three main groups.
The groups being Oily hair, Dry hair, and Balanced or Normal hair.
Most of the names will tell you how to identify what kind of hair you have, but the key in understanding how to deal with it and take care of it lies in understanding the cause of the problem.
Oily hair, most often accompanied by excessively oily skin, is caused when there is an over secretion of sebum oils by the sebaceous glands which lie just under the layers of skin.
You will also notice that the scalp and hair seem oily as well.
Oily hair tends to be rather unmanageable and looks extremely greasy at the best of times.
While there are a number of hair products in the consumer market today that will almost go as far as guaranteeing success when dealing with oily hair, it is important to try out a few because most of them will have no effect at all on your hair.
The main reason for this is that each person’s hair reacts differently to the same products given a varying set of circumstances that could include factors like heredity as well as allergic reactions to chemicals within the product.
If you suffer from oily hair, you may want to consider a change in your overall diet and reduce your intake of fatty and oily foods and increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.
You could also try boiling some mint in a glass of water for about fifteen minutes.
Once done, strain the concoction, mix it with some shampoo, and wash your hair with this mixture to help get rid of any excess oil from the hair.
different hair groups
Dry hair is quite the opposite of oily hair and occurs when the hair does not receive an adequate supply of sebum oils or even its required amount of nutrients and vitamins.
The reasons for this could be endless, including heredity, stress or inactive oil glands.
Massaging the scalp and hair with some warm herbal oil almost two times, every week and the use of a mild shampoo will help treat this kind of hair significantly.
If your hair does not fall into any of these two categories, your hair is balanced/normal and requires no additional hair care.
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