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How to find perfect hair style

Finding the right hair style that suits you and complement your facial features is not hard but no easy too!

however what ever you try on your hair, it is not permanent solution, because our hair grows and we cut it them and it grows, so, positively, we can try and experiment as many hair styles as possible and fix on one suits us.

our hair has natural tendency that it moulds on its own and creates a shape,  more often it suits and complements our facial structure,

if not you may try moulding the hair as per your style needs, but be careful try not to use harsh styleing products, if you reduce shampooing your hair 1-2 times a week, your hair gets thickened as it gets filled with scalp generating natural oils so you get to change the hair pattern e.g. instead of combing side ways, you may try comb upside back

Secondly, Hair length, it can so much fun, if you grow your hair too much longer length and style the absolute way you want. however check with your friends or trusted ones, whether prolonged hair length complements your facial features or not

P.S: whenever you change hair style/pattern, sometimes it is not easy to show up and mingle among the groups as you may have doubts about your looks and confidence, so just make sure you have little gap 2-5 days to adapt to your looks before you become normal with your day routine

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