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The Latest Hair-Loss Drug

  /  The Latest Hair-Loss Drug

The Latest Hair-Loss Drug

Regrow your hair using a drug that really works. Advanced Robotic Hair Transplant in Campbell, California is proud to offer Propecia, a new hair-loss drug that produces amazing results.

Propecia & Finasteride

Propecia is a new drug used for hair loss that has shown more than 80% effectiveness in growing hair. It comes in a 1 mg dose, which is taken orally once a day. The active ingredient, finasteride, prevents the formation of DHT, which is the hormone that leads to male pattern baldness. In two-year clinical studies in men between the ages of 18-41 with mild to moderate hair loss at the top of their heads, Propecia was shown to:

  • Maintain or Increase the Amount of Hair in 83% of Men
    (vs. 28% Taking Placebo)
  • Increase the Amount of Hair, Decrease Hair Loss and Improve Appearance in Most Men Reporting
  • Promote Visible Hair Regrowth in 66% of Men, as Determined by an Independent Panel of Dermatologisi>

Further Details

Propecia begins to work within about three months, when most men begin to notice their hair loss slowing. Hair grows very slowly, about half an inch a month, but most people begin to experience regrowth after six months taking Propecia. Generally, you will not grow back all the hair you’ve lost, but the results can be dramatic.


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